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Reiki for Pets

Reiki is beneficial to our pets since they are energetic beings that suffer from physical and emotional ailments. Their connections get misaligned just like humans do - usually through life experiences. Traumas, illness, and injury can also change the life of our pets.

Reiki sessions with pets are usually shorter in duration for a couple of reasons. First, it's hard to get a pet to sit still for too long - on our terms. Secondly, they are more open and unfiltered than humans. Animals don't have the social conditioning that we do as human beings - so a little Reiki goes a long way.

I have started a Reiki for Pets playlist on my YouTube channel called, “Mr. Jellybone’s Playlist” at the request of our new rescue dog – Floyd.

Check it out:

Floyd has been with us a few months now but it seems like forever. He is still in the nesting phase of his adoption and he is learning how things work in his new home. Like most rescues that have lost their pack – Floyd has separation anxiety.

A great way to soothe scared pets is to leave music or the TV on to keep them company while you are away. We put Floyd in his favorite spot, put on his Crystal Gourd Reiki for Pets video, and walk out the door hoping for the best. Almost every time we return we find him in the same spot we left him. He sleepily stands, stretches, and trots over to the door to welcome us home with licks. He seems relaxed and doesn’t show any signs of stress and hasn’t destroyed/chewed anything.

The videos use upbeat music, engaging props, and sounds to entertain your pet while you are away. Your pet will be getting a calming Reiki session by proxy every time the video is played. Keep an eye out for the growing playlist to keep your pet soothed and calm while you are away from home.

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