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My Third Eye Chakra Crystal Gourd

Our Third Eye chakra is our intuition, inner wisdom, and insight. It glows a violet purple or indigo color and is seated in the forehead between your eyes. In traditional chakra colors, the third eye is usually noted as indigo, but for my Reiki purposes, I followed my lineage and used purple. I decided to use Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, and Clear Quartz to activate the third eye chakra.

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, brings peace, and is a natural tranquilizer. It dispels fear and negativity and enhances creativity. Many see this stone as a spiritual stone, a stone of mystical sight and psychic ability. Purple is my favorite color so this is one of my favorite stones. (You may find me saying this frequently in future blogs about other stones. I am a crystal lover!)

Fluorite comes in a few colors but I selected to use the purple parts while making this gourd. Fluorite is a protective stone that relieves stress and physical blockages. It is also used as a dreaming crystal to ward off evil spirits and guard against bad dreams. This stone is helpful in meditation, creative expression, headache pain, and emotional healing.

Clear Quartz crystal is a great universal energy amplifier. I used the clear stones to direct the energy and amplify the surrounding crystal’s benefits. Also, this was a great way to have the gold paint peak through and glisten. The color gold is helpful in generating wisdom and illumination.

While I was Reiki charging this gourd and meditating I had a lot of thought about the future. I saw people interacting with my gourds and new people being attracted to Reiki healing. This is my artistic interpretation of reiki and the connection we have to heaven and earth. My hope is that through art, more people will find out about reiki and we can dispel some of the heavy, negativity that has settled over our planet. I can see the world filled with love and light.

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