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My Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal Gourd

The solar plexus chakra is located in the solar plexus, or area of the upper stomach. It radiates a yellow color luminous as the sun. It is our personal luminosity, sovereignty, and power. We find our confidence is strong when this chakra is open and flowing. Citrine, Tigers Eye, and Yellow Agate crystals adorn this gourd.

Citrine is a yellow healing crystal that varies in color from pale yellow to a deep golden color. This stone raises self-esteem and confidence. It is beneficial for people in business as it attracts wealth, customers, and success. It promotes overcoming fear and increasing positive thinking.

I love the movement in a Tigers Eye stone. This is another stone of good luck, confidence, and prosperity. It is ideal for building courage in all areas of life and promotes calm, focus, and willpower. Tigers Eye balances the yin and yang energies within ourselves.

Yellow Agate supports courage, strength, and happiness in our life. It is a balancing stone that unifies mind, body, and spirit. It fosters creativity and hope in abundance. Agate also helps with sleeping, insomnia, and is said to bring about good dreams.

While I was charging this gourd with solar plexus energy, I thought about my own confidence and place in the world. I thought about all the times that anxiety rears its head and how during a pandemic this chakra can be completely drained. We are always the most stable and confident when we operate from our center – our solar plexus is where we house our personal power and self-esteem.

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