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My Sacral Chakra Crystal Gourd

Creativity and passion are the first two things that come to mind when thinking about the sacral chakra. A vibrant orange color exudes from this chakra and its location is just below the navel in the center of the abdomen. This chakra engages our sensuality and pleasure. Our passions for creation, life, and pleasure are cultivated from our sacral chakra energy. Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Clear Quartz crystals were used in making this sacral chakra gourd.

I love the variations in the Carnelian. It’s a stone that stimulates creation and motivation. It helps enhance the flow of passion, both creatively and physically. Carnelian adds courage to creativity so it’s a great stone for art, drama, and dance. It helps to embrace creative passions and allows the creation of art without fear of judgment. It also helps people trust in themself and their intuitions.

Red Jasper is a warm, stimulating, and positive feeling stone. This stone increases sexuality and vibrancy. Jasper has calming and steady energy properties as well. It increases and balances the passions among the chakras. The gold peeking through the Clear Quartz crystal is representing the passion that this gourd embodies.

While I was charging this gourd with sacral chakra healing energy I thought about my own creative path. How at times I have felt stuck and at other times felt crazed with artistic passion. Being a creative individual, I feel when this chakra is out of balance. Passions are great, but they must always be balanced to be productive and healthy.

The sacral chakra is a clear reminder of this rule of balance for me. You are easily able to see common imbalances in this chakra manifesting in promiscuity, overindulgence, and obsessiveness. This gourd reminded me of the need for balance in all areas of life and that having too much of something is as detrimental as not having enough of something.

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