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My Root Chakra Crystal Gourd

The root chakra gourd grounds and connects us to the earth. It emanates the color red and is located at the base of the spine. This chakra represents our foundation and stability in life, as well as finances and security within the earthly realm. I used Pomegranate stones, or Garnets, Red Coral, Labradorite, and Clear Quartz to create this root chakra gourd.

The Garnets are called pomegranate stones because Garnets have the appearance of pomegranate seeds. They protect travelers and are a source of courage and safety. Garnet is also a stone that enhances the law of attraction.

Red coral is a unique stone to work with. It provides strength, willpower, motivation and it harmonizes us with the deep sea earth. Mythical lore tells us that red coral grew out of the blood dripped into the sea when Perseus beheaded Medusa. Coral is actually the skeleton of an animal - and is classified as such.

Labradorite is an iridescent stone that varies in grey tones. It imparts strength, groundedness, and helps with spiritual growth. Many believe that labradorite is powerful for intention setting and manifesting because it unleashes an individual’s full potential. This stone uplifts the spirit while fostering a solid, grounded existence. Labradorite shields us from the negativity of others, raises consciousness, protects auras, and grounds spiritual energy.

While meditating with this gourd thoughts of abundance and security came to the surface. So many times we think we don't have enough or that we are not enough. A healthy, open, root chakra reinforces that we are all abundant - we just need to ask for what we want. We are all connected and part of the earth. Walking barefoot in nature can reconnect and ground us if we are feeling disconnected, “off”, or anxious. I described the feeling of being disconnected as feeling “off"- it means you don't feel plugged in - just floating. Upper chakras balance lower chakras and the root chakra is a foundation for our connectedness to the earth.

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