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My Crystal Chakra Serpent

Serpents and snakes have several meanings across cultures. Their ability to shed their skin is symbolic of rebirth, renewal, and transformation. Snake venom is completely antithetical in that it has medical use and is designed to kill.

The caduceus, a western medicine, and healing symbol depicts two serpents intertwined around a staff with wings. The snakes represent skin-shedding renewal and their venom was considered remedial. In Hindu culture, kundalini energy is depicted as the coiled serpent of personal power residing in the base of our spine. Hindus believe the snake is part of our subtle energetic body and represents the life force residing inside us.

I designed the serpent to help visualize the flow and connection of our chakra energies. Starting with the head, I used Rose Quartz to represent our connection to the divine. I used traditional chakra colors for the body. For the crown chakra, I used Amythest, and for the third eye chakra - Lapis Lazuli. The throat chakra is represented by blue Chalcedony and the heart by Green Aventurine. I used Yellow Agate for the solar plexus chakra and Carnelian for the sacral chakra. The root chakra is pomegranate stone Garnets and the tail is grounded with Labradorite. I completed the serpent with a Clear Quartz underbelly to support and amplify all the crystals used.

My crystal serpent is helpful in meditation and can radiate a chakra alignment. It becomes a visual reminder of all of the chakra centers and their relationship with each other. We learn the acronym ROYGBIV as children to remember the colors of the rainbow and the color wheel. I find it interesting that the chakra colors utilize that same acronym. This is another reminder that we are part of everything and we are connected in ways that we rarely think about. With balance and flow, we can make our chakra rainbow grow.

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