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My Crown Chakra Crystal Gourd

Our Crown chakra is our connection to the universe and its infinite wisdom. It radiates white light from the top of the head. It's our connection to the divine, One Source energy. I felt the crystals for this gourd should have ethereal and soft qualities to them. I settled on using two different types of Clear Quartz crystal and Rose Quartz.

Clear Quartz is considered an energy amplifier and master healing crystal. Most practitioners will agree that Clear Quartz is one of the most universal power crystals. I used Clear Quartz so that the gold would sparkle through the crystal, and then added a cloudier Clear Quartz to soften the gold paint. Clear crystals are used to direct and point energy, while cloudy crystals soften and diffuse energy. Clear quartz can also promote inner vision and intuition.

I chose to use Rose Quartz since my reiki lineage uses this stone while working with the Crown chakra energy. It emanates a calm, loving, energy, and it represents all love - the supreme and purest love from the divine. Rose Quartz embodies compassion, empathy, and love to those that choose to use it. Many spiritual masters of the past have used this stone.

The gold paint intensified the ethereal vibe of this gourd. Compassion, love, and higher ideas are represented by using the color gold. In many cultures, sacred, ceremonial items were made of gold to represent the divine.

I felt calm and centered as I meditated and charged this gourd with reiki. I felt like I was floating and my thoughts were of peace and love. It reminded me of the warming sensation that comes to my hands when I activate Reiki energy. There is a softness to this gourd and it's visually soothing to look at.

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