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Moon Party Journal 2021 Now Available!

I have been having Moon Parties for years now. I find there are distinct energetic advantages with the new and full moon phases that can be used to manifest goals or dreams.

My book explains the moon phases and includes all of the new and full moons for 2021. Each month, the new moon and full moon corresponding chakra and zodiac information is provided. Candle colors and the crystals/gemstones that match the chakra colors and the zodiac for each phase are also outlined in each moon phase.

I have written and developed specific mantras/prayers/affirmations for each phase of the moon and leave space for you to add additional desires to the positivity mantra. The intention of the mantras are to set a tone of positive thinking as you continue to journal in the space provided. I have included thought provoking, guiding questions that will lead you down the path of better understanding yourself and your desires.

Over time, you may begin to notice that things you think about are starting to happen. Or, you may notice the same bad habits or negative thinking are reoccurring. Having this insight into your own life is beneficial to growth and abundance.

You can take this journal and host your very own Moon Party with friends and loved ones. Add snacks and cocktails to make it a celebration. Start 2021 with yourself and your future in mind!

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