Etsy Shop NOW OPEN

I wanted to let everyone know that my crystal gourds are being sold on Etsy. I have added an Etsy page to my website so that you can purchase my crystal gourds.

I originally set up my store around the holidays, but since my account was new, it took several weeks for the shop to be approved. As a result, my shop did not officially open until this year.

So, the crystal snow people are still waiting for homes!

Each snow person is unique. They are dried gourds with quartz, garnet and various stones. Each snowperson comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each snowperson is Reiki charged with love and kindness. Information about all the stones used on your snowperson is also provided.

My Mom was the inspiration for these cuties. She loves snowmen and her house is filled with them. This inspired me to make one for her when I spotted a gourd that looked like a little snowman. She loves that the snowman is cold to the touch year round, but came from the desert!

Take a look at the snow people that are available and be sure to check back since I am just getting started!

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