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Meet The Revenant Reiki Master

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Jen Grant

As an Entrepreneur, Artist, Master-level Reiki practitioner, and Massage Therapist, I have spent decades engaged in the promotion of complementary alternative medicine. My interest in Reiki began in 2005, after completing my Massage Therapy degree.

During the 2020 health pandemic, I felt called to reinvigorate my passion and to send love and light into the world. So, I began my quest to revive and restore my Reiki practice to heal people with the power of Reiki. 

This was also the time that I designed my Crystal Gourds and began using them in my remote practice. Gourds symbolize abundance, good luck, fertility, and the divine. As an artist, I felt drawn to combining the dried gourds with crystals in an effort to help visualize distance reiki. Each gourd is representative of a chakra and is covered with the corresponding stones.My art is for sale in Peoria, AZ and can be customized and specially designed.

As a Reiki Master, I work with the subtle energies of the body to renew a healthy balance among the seven chakras.


I specialize in long-distance Reiki work, as well as in-person sessions. You can find more information on my social media and blog page. I live in Arizona but can connect all over the world.


My Art & Services

Art & Custom Pieces

Reiki Sessions

Crystal Gourd, Reiki Charged artwork. Crystals have healing powers and gourds are grounding. Using locally sourced materials I have gourds for sale and take orders for custom gourds and masks. Inquire at Salted Desert


In-person sessions and distance Reiki sessions are available. If you are in Arizona - meet me at my shop Salted Desert. If you live anywhere in the world or own a gourd and would like to recharge it - use the contact form on my site.

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